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Semrush AU Search Awards celebrate the achievements of online marketing professionals in the Australian market. We love the crazy mix of experiments, creativity and data that the online space brings. The categories below are designed to cover majority of channels and industries, as we understand the best practices and metrics of success are different.

Each successful campaign should have elements that show; clearly defined objectives, innovative creative solutions, thought-through and well-executed implementation, clear ROI and measurable results.

Online Presence Breakthrough

We are looking to see growth in all channels and traffic sources! If you managed to involve 5 and more marketing elements in one campaign, and had a huge increase in total numbers - that's the category you need to submit for, Elements can include: SEO, advertising, social media, email marketing, PR, content, events and more. Maybe it wasn't one campaign, but a sequence of small actions that finally brought results. Let us know how your team has achieved this sudden increase in online presence. Graphs proving this growth are essential in this submission.

Highest Website Visitor Growth

Day by day you’re working on improving your website, communications and all traffic drivers. This category rewards the best results in increasing visitor growth. Screenshots from Google Analytics or a third party tool are required to prove the numbers.

Best Local Campaign

Once user types in location in search, it all changes and the results are totally different. Have you excelled in driving growth, visibility, traffic and revenue numbers by optimising for local search? Then this category is for you.

Best SEO Campaign

Whether you’ve achieved huge results with a piece of content or dominated the landscape with some technical wizardry, show us why your campaign deserves the title of Best SEO Campaign.

Best Low Budget Campaign

Not everybody has six figures search budgets, nor are they always required to achieve a great return on investment. We want to hear about the small but magnificent. The PPC and SEO campaigns that have achieved something special on a monthly budget of $500 AUD or less in fees.

Best Advertising Campaign

Tell us how you have tweaked your targeting, ad copy, keywords or anything else in your advertising efforts! The increased technological influence, the use of scripts and feeds, and ability to target individuals over keywords has transformed PPC. Being the most efficient in ad spend on Australian market is definitely an impressive line to add to your profile.

Best Content Marketing Campaign

The best and most relevant content that would answer their questions is what users eventually look for in search. Judges will be looking at top performing content examples which significantly improved search visibility of the brand. This award is not only for SEO. If you have built a killer landing page and it converts, why no submit it as a content marketing campaign. Content is not only built for organic search.

Best Digital PR Campaign

Working with media buzz can be really rewarding and now PR has an impact in overall online visibility of the brand. If you're proud of the splash you created with your external communications, apply for this category.

Best Integrated Campaign

This category is for marketing teams that use more than one marketing channel/source of traffic in a campaign. It could be a mix of SEO and PPC, or a mix of search, social and email. Although integrated campaigns are insanely tough to run, there are definitely companies/agencies who excel in executing them. Sounds like you? Tell us about how you have combined various marketing channels in one outstanding campaign.

Best B2C Campaign

Exceptional marketing campaign created by a brand/on behalf of the brand marketing in the B2C sector that brought positive ROI and success. This entry can include any marketing channels or can be a cross channel campaign.

Best B2B Campaign

Exceptional marketing campaign created by a brand/on behalf of the brand marketing in the B2B sector. Same as in B2C, entrants are welcome to submit a campaign performed in any marketing channels or an integrated one.

Best Use of Data in a Search Campaign

At SEMrush, we love data and we help thousands marketers daily with latest and most relevant numbers for their industries. So this category was a must! Judges will be looking to reward innovative and creative approaches to managing and manipulating data to deliver impressive search results.

Best Blog

Judges will be looking for the most resonant and engaging content creators working on the corporate and industry blogs.

Best Online Marketing Campaign - Retail

Best Online Marketing Campaign - Legal Services

Best Online Marketing Campaign - Healthcare

Best Online Marketing Campaign - Third Sector/ Not for Profit

Best Online Marketing Campaign - Real Estate

Best Crisis Communications or Response Campaign

Recognition of an outstanding crisis communication or response campaign.


Best Marketing Agency

Recognition of best peforming marketing agency that consistently delivers outstanding results to clients. Tell us about the campaigns that you've done, your team, pofitability and culture. We'd ask you to submit one of the cases in the campaign categories to see your work in action. All entries are confidential and any numbers you share with the Awards organisers will stay within the judging committee. Please keep in mind that you need to submit to at least one campaign category to apply for the team award. Judges need to see a thorough execution of at least one of the campaigns.

Young Search Professional of the Year - FREE

We want to highlight the stars of the future! We want to find young professionals who have shown impressive performance as interns in companies and junior marketing specialists that have already achieved a lot. Who can apply? Any marketing specialist under 30 working in the marketing industry who are achieving great results and leading the industry at a young age. There is no charge to nominate people in this category however the judging panel reserves the right to put forward additional candidates.